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With a brand new main instalment of the Shin Megami Tensei series looming at the horizon (some of you might already be the proud owner of a copy), it is only fitting that the minor updates added over the course of last months receive an update. The additions are not Shin Megami Tensei IV focused only, though.

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While the first two websites articles are clearly focused on recent developments, the interviews found in game guides might require some clarification. The former is an interview with Cozy Okada and Kazuma Kaneko for the PlayStation remake of Shin Megami Tensei, while the latter is an interview from 1994 regarding the sequel with the same gentlemen and scenario/event writer Ryutaro Ito, which you can see in this fancy picture I happened to stumble upon here.

New is the addition ‘Developer’ and the page ‘Atlus Historia’, which chronicles the events from the establishment of Atlus in April 1986 up until 2009, when Index Holdings acquired Atlus’ rights. Speaking of which, the report regarding the ‘Civil Rehabilitation’ procedures Index entered as a result of proclaiming bankruptcy has been partially (and, frankly, poorly) translated to English.

Also, do not forget to pick up Shin Megami Tensei IV from July 16th onward. And while you are at it, you might want to consider getting Fire Emblem: Awakening (if, finally, in stock) as well.



Over the course of this week I added three new interviews. The first was one with Eiji Ishida and Kazuma Kaneko from the official Japanese Strange Journey website. I also ran into an interview with Cozy and Kaneko about Nocturne for Denkgeki Online, which was published more than ten years ago. From the same month is the developer’s interview on the official Japanese website for Nocturne. All of these are in Japanese, but will be translated over the course of time.

Website articles

The Creator’s Voice with Kaneko discussing the development of Strange Journey has been fully translated by now. If you happen to stumble upon translation mistakes, please let me know; it’s been almost two years since I actively translated, so even though reading the article notably improved over the course of the process, Kaneko’s relatively long sentences and Japanese expressions remains a tough cookie to translate.


New at Megatengaku is the ‘Essay’ category. Sam Hatting, also known as ‘tophatting‘ on Tumblr, kicks off with an essay on Nocturne and Nietzsche’s Übermensch. Feel free to comment to Sam’s essay, suggest related readings or share your experiences in the comment section below the article. Please be polite and respectful to the author. Megatengaku was born from the wish to stimulate this kind of writing, so it’s great to finally be able to add this category.


Last weekend I added two new interview, one with Eiji Ishida on Strange Journey and another from 1UP about the developers of Persona 4.

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Furthermore, I continued translating the Japanese interview with Kazuma Kaneko (of which I now finished the first out of seven pages). I also started working on a game script for Strange Journey, but is an extremely time-consuming process. The segment from the introduction up until the negotiation tutorial with the Pixie accumulated to 10.000 words.

Simultaneously I started working on a transcription of the dialogues with the demons during battle. Thus far, the Young Child personality type (e.g. Jirae Knocker) is taking up six pages and I’m sure there are much more questions and even more answers in there. Once I have decided on a format, I might ask the community for contributions.

If you stumble upon something that would contribute to Megatengaku as a study guide, please do not hesitate to submit your materials. Thanks in advance.


Even though his demon designs are awfully absent from the official Shin Megami Tensei IV boxart, the following interviews demonstrate Kazuma Kaneko’s profound influence on, and affection for, the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Website articles


Special thanks for Primaeros for pointing out the interviews and taking the time to upload the rare Nocturne DVD.


Thanks to buromu‘s assistance in translating, the first update – albeit brief – of Megatengaku is a fact.