Devil Survivor 2

General Information

Title in Japanese: 女神異聞録:デビルサバイバー2 (megami ibunroku debiru sabaibā t)

Japanese Releases:

  • Nintendo DS on 28 July 2011

Western Releases:

  • Nintendo DS on 28 February 2012 in North America, published by Atlus
  • Nintendo DS on 18 October 2013 in Europe, published by Ghostlight

Back Cover (NDS NA edition)

What would you do if you could see others’ deaths before they come to pass? A mysterious website-Nicaea-will show you just this. What you do with the information will determine the fate of millions as calamity strikes Japan…

  • Collecting and customizing demons will be the key to your success in battle
  • A perfectly addictive fusion of traditional and strategy RPG combat

©Index Corporation 2011. Published by ATLUS. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI and SMT are registered trademarks of Index Digital Media, Inc.

Manual (NDS NA edition)

It’s your last year of high school, and during a fall season full of college entrance exams, you receive a text message on your way home from one of your study sessions.

“A death clip has been uploaded to Nicaea!”

The message’s sender is the mysterious online video site, Nicaea, which is rumored to have videos that predict your friends’ deaths- in graphic detail. Your classmates Daichi and Io have also received these texts, and “death clops” of them have been uploaded, as well.

The events shown in the videos begin to come true as the three of you are involved in a subway accident. When you regain consciousness, the unbelievable is taking place your very eyes!

Demons that appeared from nowhere…

This unprecedented disaster…

The true purpose of Nicaea…

The most important thing right now is the will to live! (p. 4)

This website, called the “death clip site”, has long been considered an urban legend. It seems that those who sign up for this site can see videos of the moments of their friends’ deaths.

>>Demon Summoning App
This program is automatically installed on the cell phones of people who make contracts with demons. It can summon these beings and do a lot more besides.

JP’s is a mysterious government organization that took center stage after the great calamity. They appear to know about demons and the disaster, but they are not involved in providing relief to the victims. They follow their own unknown agenda. (p. 5)

Age: 18
A third-year high school student from Tokyo. He is caught in a dramatic subway accident on his way home from a practice exam.

Io Nitta
Age: 18
A third-year student attending the same high school as the protagonist. In addition to her beauty, her intelligence makes her adored by all the male students. She tends to go along with what others say, and is poor at asserting herself. (p. 6)

Daichi Shijima
Age: 18
A cheerful third-year who attends the same high school as the protagonist. He and the protagonist have been friends since childhood. He doesn’t think too much about things.

Yuzuru “Joe” Akie
Age: 25
He is an office worker at a trading company. He always seems aloof and non-committal. (p. 7)

Yamato Hotsuin
Age: 17
The young leader of JP’s. He is the eldest son of the Hotsuin family who founded JP’s, and has unified the organization under his leadership.

Makoto Sako
Age: 26
A member of the Tokyo division of JP’s. A mature woman with a dignified air about her.

Fumi Kanno
Age: 21
A member of the Nagoya division of JP’s. She excels in technical expertise and always has various experiments going. (p. 8)

Otome Yanagiya
Age: 24
A member of the Osaka division of JP’s. A fully trained doctor, she is in charge of all medical-related activity at JP’s.

Airi Ban
Age: 15
A first-year high school student who lives in Nagoya. Due to personal reasons pertaining to her family, she tends to act defiant towards society.

Jungo Torii
Age: 19
A chef who lives in Nagoya. He’s a quiet young man with a simple, good-natured personality, and he values his friends more than anything else. (p. 9)

Keita Wakui
Age: 16
A second-year high school student living in Osaka who belongs to the boxing club. He prefers to be a loner, and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to him.

Hinako Kujou
Age: 19
A dancer living in Osaka. She is studying a variety of dancing styles from around the world, starting with traditional Japanese dances.

Ronaldo Kuriki
Age: 26
A detective who lives in Nagoya. A complicated past has led to him seeing Yamato as an enemy, and he is rebelling against JP’s. (p. 10)

Anguished One
A man with an aura of mystery about him. He suddenly appears before the protagonist.

An AI programmed into the demon summoning app. He helps users in learning to use the program. His defining characteristic is his polite mode of speaking.

An AI programmed into the demon summoning app. He helps users in learning to use the program. Her defining characteristic is her giggly, schoolgirl-like speech. (p. 11)