Devil Survivor

General Information

Title in Japanese:女神異聞録:デビルサバイバー (megami ibunroku debiru sabaibā)

Japanese Releases:

  • Nintendo DS on 15 January 2009
  • Nintendo 3DS on 1 September 2011

Western Releases:

  • Ninendo DS on 23 June 2009 in North America, published by Atlus
  • Ninendo 3DS on 23 August 2011 in North America, published by Atlus
  • Ninendo 3DS on 29 March 2013 in Europe, published by Ghostlight

Back Cover (NDS NA edition)

Tokyo is in full lockdown, the government’s swift and coldblooded response to a sudden demon invasion. Unsure of who to trust and armed only with a demon-summoning COMP, will you be able to survive this chaos?

  • Many possible ending await in this hybrid of traditional and strategy RPG
  • Collect demons through auction and fuse them to create more powerful creatures

©2009 ATLUS
SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI and SMT are registered trademarks of Atlus U.S.A, Inc.

Manual (NDS NA edition)

In the summer of your second year in high school, your cousin Naoya calls you out into the bustling streets of Tokyo. You go with your friends Atsuro and Yuzu to meet him, but he never appears. The only thing that hints at his disappearance is a portable Communication Player, or COMP for short.

Before long, the area inside the Yamamote Line is locked down, and demons are roaming the streets. As if knowing in advance the extraordinary events to come, the COMP’s screen prints the following words:

Let’s Survive. (p. 6)

The common abbreviation for the portable Communication Player. As its name suggest, it can connect to the Internet to communicate with other users.

>>Demon summoning program
A program already installed on the COMPs that the main characters find. No one knows how it works, but it can access another world to summon entities known as demons.

>>The Shomonkai
The Internet has allowed the rapid, easy dissemination of thoughts and ideas in the modern era. The Shomonkai believes that God does not approve of this and the tragedy of the Tower of Babel will soon afflict mankind once again.

>>Tokyo Lockdown
A giant barricade built along the Yamamote Line, hastily constructed overnight. No one is permitted to approach it. The government claims it was erected because of poisonous gases from underground, but… (p. 7)

One of the main character’s classmates. He has a keen interest in programming and looks up to Naoya, who has some renown as a genius programmer.
Atsuro Kihara
Age: 17   Handle: AT-LOW

The Shomonkai’s maiden and the daughter of its founder. She has a strange, mystical presence about her.
Amane Kuzuryu
Age: 16

An average high-schooler living in the suburbs of Tokyo. One day during his summer vacation in his second year of high school, hi cousin Naoya asks to meet him in Shibuya.
Main Character
Age: 17 (p. 8)

The main character’s cousin. He was taken into the main character’s household at a young age when he lost his parents. He currently lives in an apartment in Aoyama. Many in the programming community are in awe of his incredible coding skills.
Age: 24

The vocalist of D-Va, an indie band that’s currently on hiatus. She’s been pursuing a solo career during the downtime.
Yoshino Harusawa
Age: 20   Handle: HAL

One of the main character’s classmates, she’s been friends with him since childhood. She also hangs out with Atsuro and knows Naoya in passing.
Yuzu Tanikawa
Age: 17   Handle: YUZ (p. 9)

Manual (3DS NA edition)

One of 2009’s best RPGs returns you to Tokyo in the midst of a lockdown, the government’s cold-blooded response to a demon invasion. Armed only with a mysterious COMP, will you survive this chaos?

  • Live to see the brand new 8th Day chapter!
  • Collect and fuse demons to create more powerful creatures
  • Many possible endings await in this hybrid of traditional and strategy RPG

©Index Corporation 2011. Published by ATLUS. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI and SMT are registered trademarks of Index Digital Media, Inc.

No character information was printed in the physical manual, and there was no digital manual.

 Credits (NDS NA Manual)

Shinjiro Takata

Executive Producer
Shigeru Igari

General Manager
Kozo Itagaki

CS Division Manger
Atsushi Morita

Development Division Manager
Naoto Hiraoka

Character Designer
Suzuhito Yasuda

Takami Asano (GODIEGO)

Kazuma Kaneko

Chief Planner
Fuma Yato

Keuichi Yamatsuta
Tadayoshi Ishihara
Takashiro Yamamoto
Shoko Mori
Johnosuke Yoshida

Chief Scenario Writer
Yoh Haduki

Scenario Writers
Teppei Kobayashi
Yuichiro Tanaka
Fuma Yato

Scenario Advisors
Satoshi Ooyama
Shogo Isogai

Chief Programmer
Tomohiko Matsuda

Yoshihiro Komori
Masayuki Higo
Masayoshi Isomura
Hiroki Shintani
Tomohiko Imanishi
Kengo Sasaoka

Chief Designer
Akiko Kotoh

Demon Design
Kazuma Kaneko

Character Unit Designers
Yoshinori Asakura
Kouichi Ogawa
Tomomi Aizawa

Character Design Cooperation
Sin Saito

Event Designer
Akiko Kotoh

Map Designers
Takayoshi Kawase
Daisuke Sato
Yoshihito Honma
Yukio Yoshida
Koohei Onisi

Battle and Effect Designers
Keiichi Ueda
Mayumi Iwata

Interface Designers
Takashi Katoh
Yuki Terada

Background Art Work
Eriko Doi
Yoriko Fujikura
Masami Ichimura
Naoko Araki
Natsumi Kodera
Kyosuke Otani
Tanaka Akico
Sakiko Nozawa

MVE CG Developmen Biz. Dept.
Product Managers

Tetsuya Okuba
Ai Yoshida

Hiromi Furuhara
Michiro Satou
Shingo Nozawa
Naomi Ogura
Eriko Fujiwara
Kouki Chiba
Daiju Honma
Hisashi Wada
Yuta Jincho

Chief Sound Designer
Kenichi Tsuchiya

Sound Designer
Atsushi Kitajoh

BGM Work
Takami Asano (GODIEGO)

Masumi Hamamoto

Narumi Isomura (TAGC Music)

Opening Theme: “Reset”
Lyrics: Hirth
Music: Takami Asano (GODIEGO)
Arrange: Takami Asano
Vocal: Aya Ishihara

Special Thanks
Katsura Hashino
Megumi Shiraishi
Kazuhisa Wada
Hirokazu Tohyama
Shoji Meguro
All staff at the CS Division

US Localization
Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

Executive Producer
Shinichi Suzuki

General Manager
Mitsuhiro Tanaka

Director of Production
Bill Alexander

Project Lead
Yu Namba

Project Coordinator
Hiroyuki Tanaka

James Kuroki
Mai Namba
Madoka Ueno

Nich Maragos
Michael Meeker
Scott Strichart

QA Manager
Carl Chen
QA Lead
Rob Stone

QA Testers
Connie Chinn
Jennifer Eatherly
Steve Hall
Gerald Rempis
Sing Tang

VP Sales & Marketing
Tim Pivnicny

Sales & PR Manager
Aram Jabbari

PR Specialist
Crystal S. Murray

Marketing Manager
Robyn Mukai

Creative Designers
Jeremy Cail
Michiko Shiikuma

Web Designer
Amanda M. Dalgleish

Assistant Media Producer
Qlint Chesney

Sales Admin. Manager
Sally Ortiz

Sales Administrator
Monica Lee

Barunson Creative Co., Ltd.
Project Coordinators
Jae-Min Shin
Se-Woong Kim

Se-Woong Kim

Jae-Min Shin

Mirae Soft Co.
Project Coordinator
Min-Ki Kim