Jack Bros.

General Information

Title in Japanese: ジャック・ブラザースの迷路でヒーホー! (jack bros. no meirô de hiihoo!)

Japanese Releases:

  • Virtual Boy on 29 September 1995.

Western Releases:

  • Virtual Boy on 20 October 1995 in North America, published by Atlus.

Back Cover (NA edition)

The portal between Earth and another mysterious dimension has opened, and the intrepid Jack Brothers have come through for an adventure in our world. Having lost track of time, they now have only one hour to return to their home or be banished forever. Help them battle hoards [sic] of loathsome enemies through six electrifying 3-D levels, each with many floors to explore and conquer. This is one phenomenal adventure you can’t afford to miss!

Manual (NA edition)

The Jack Bros Story
Every year on Halloween morning, the portal to the World of Fairies opens, allowing a pathway to form between their world and ours. This year, the mischievous Jack Brothers from the World of Fairies have decided to set off on an adventure in our world. They will have to pass through the portal again by midnight or be banished from their world forever.

The thrill of their adventure takes their mind off the clock, and before they know it, the 11 o’clock hour is upon them. As they start to race through the long pathway to their home, Pixie the Fairy appears and offers to show them a shortcut to the World of Fairies. The shortcut is dangerious and seldom used, but if they used their regular route, they will not make it back in time. The Jack Brothers have no choice but to follo Pixie and choose the battles wisely. They can only hope that it’s not too late… (p. 7)

Jack Frost
Snowballs are this Jack’s weapon of choice. When he uses his Special Attack, all enemies will be frozen for a few seconds.

Jack Lantern
Lantern shoots fire balls, which are more powerful than Frost’s snowballs. His Special Attack will cause all enemies to suffer severe damage.

Jack Skelton
Skelton’s sharp knife if far more threatening to enemies than either of the brothers’ weapons. His Special Attack will destroy all the enemies on the screen. (p. 14)


H. Yokoyama

K. Mishima

Assistant Director
T. Maruyama

Main-Sub Programmer
M. Kobayashi

All Graphic Works By
S. Takashima

All Sound Works By

Atlus Software Inc.
J. Yamamoto
S. Shibata
M. C. Rieman

Manual Design
K. Hisada

T. Hanya
N. Kawai
K. Yamamoto
E. Shiota
Y. Ebihara

S. Aihara
T. Komatsu
F. Ishii
M. Iden
S. Minowa

Special Thanks
M. Sugiura
T. Fujita
H. Hoshino