Revelations: Persona

General information

Title in Japanese: 女神異聞録ペルソナ (megami ibunroku perusona)

Japanese Releases:

  • PlayStation on 20 September 1996.
  • PlayStation on 27 July 1997, as a ‘PlayStation the Best’ version.
  • Windows on 25 March 1999, as a port of the PS version published by ASCII Corporation and Digicube. 
  • PlayStation Portable on 29 April 2009 as a remake of the PS version.

Western releases:

  • PlayStation on 24 June [?] 1996 in North America, published by Atlus.
  • PlayStation Portable on 22 September 2009, published by Atlus.
  • PlayStation Portable (digital only) on 11 August 2010, published by Atlus.

Manual (PSP NA version)


Welcome to Mikage, home of St. Hermelin High school where you, the protagonist, spend your days. It’s a town rich with history, though the ruins and shrines of the town stand in contrast to the modern structures. One such gleaming new building is the high-tech Mikage office of SEBEC, erected about 10 months ago.

But as befits a company whose name seems to echo an ancient Egyptian crocodile god, there are dark rumors circulating about SEBEC and Takahisa Kandori, the young branch president overseeing the Mikage operations. Suspicious men in black suits have been seen all over town, the eerie clanking of underground machinery echoes in the dead of night, and the ghost of a girl clad in black has been seen wandering the offices… but despite the rumors, the people of Mikage don’t have an inkling of Kandori’s twisted ambition as he glares down at the peaceful town. (p. 4)

As the protagonist, you are one of those oblivious to Kandori’s schemes. You’re in the middle of your second year at St. Hermelin, a private high school, leading an ordinary life alongside classmates such as Mark, Yukino, Nanjo… and Maki, the young and somewhat bitter girl who was born with a weak constitution and has been in the hospital for the past year.

In this ordinary life, their brief youth drifts by… the students have only a hazy grasp on their dreams, hopes, and anxieties for the future. It’s in this climate that the divination game “Persona”, which supposedly allows you to see your future self, gains popularity. When you and the others try playing the ”Persona” game, it sparks a series of strange phenomena, and the awakening of the power of their hidden selves-the power of their Personas.

Just as the students visit Maki at the hospital, Kandori’s grand plan goes into motion, throwing Mikage into chaos. The group is caught up in the cataclysmic events, and their involvement with the SEBEC incident will change them forever… (p. 5)


A second-year student in Class 4 of St. Hermelin High. He acts as the player’s alter ego.

Maki Sonomura
A kind, polite girl whose repeated, lengthy hospital stays have sheltered her from the world. She’s currently confined to her hospital bed, where she’s been for the past year. According to classmates who visit her often, she seems to be doing better lately, and some think she may be able to return to school soon. (p. 6)

Masao Inaba
Nickname: Mark
Son of the owners of Inaba Dry Cleaning in town. Thanks to his other’s pampering, he’s a spoiled young man who doesn’t listen to anyone. He hates that his mother still calls him by his childhood nickname of “Massy”, so he makes his friends call him Mark. His desire to get away from being a mama’s boy leads him to conspicuously rebel against her whenever possible. (p. 7)

Hidehiko Uesugi
Nickname: Brown
He’s a shifty guy who’s bold around timid classmates, and timid around bold classmates to the point that he’d never defy them. His skill at getting ahead in the world makes him well-liked by his teachers, but since he devotes himself so totally to projecting an image of strength, he’s terrified people will learn of his weaknesses.

Kei Nanjo
The extremely self-confident heir to the wealthy Nanjo family. He’s very smart, but his arrogant, pragmatic demeanor acts as a wall between him and his friends. His butler Yamaoka, rather than his distant parents, was his biggest emotional support when growing up, as well as the chief source of his current confidence.

Eriko Kirishima
Nickname: Elly
A student who recently returned from a stay in America. Her striking features, due to her one-quarter American heritage, and her elegant demeanor make her popular enough at school that there isn’t a student at St. Hermelin who doesn’t know her. She’s slightly eccentric in her fearlessness and keen interest in the occult. (p. 8)

Yuka Ayase
A frivolous girl who tries to act like a stereotypical high school girl in real life. She doesn’t bother thinking about anything difficult, and insists on living for the moment, but she wonders inside if that’s really the best way. Though she has a sharp tongue, it’s hard to hate her, even though she tends to make trouble for those around her.

Yukino Mayuzumi
A reformed girl gang leader whose frank personality and strict manner of speech lead other students to rely on her as a sort of big sister. Her part-time work has given her a maturity and level-headedness that other students lack, but when it comes to her most admired and idolized teacher, she has a hard time keeping her cool.

Saeko Takami
The homeroom teacher of Class 4 at St. Hermelin, which seems to be a collection of “problem” students, including the protagonist and his friends. Her spirited nature has won their admiration; she has them firmly in hand, but is understanding and warm towards them as well. She’s also a graduate of St. Hermelin High.

Takahisa Kandori
The talented young branch president of SEBEC, which set up shop in Mikage recently. But dark rumors circulate around bother the growing company and Kandori himself. In Mikage, the company has a reputation for being shadowy and secretive, and people are highly distrustful of Kandori. (p. 9)

Soundtrack (PSP first copies edition)

[Message from Meguro on inside of CD insert:] The days seem to pass very quickly; it’s already been 13 years since I joined Atlus. Revelations: Persona was my first assignment at the company, but now that the game is coming to the PSP, there was something deeply moving about creating music for it again.

For the music in this Persona, I took the balance of sound and music that I fostered in Persona 3 and 4 and applied it to this game, while also trying to maintain the original atmosphere of the game to create music that would resonate with players whose first exposure to the series was with Persona 3 and 4.

I also attempted some new techniques on these tracks in order to express the two-sided nature of Persona through the music. For example, while the opening track has a pop feel to it, partway through it suddenly breaks out into an intense rock passage. I also placed a second melody behind the main melody (a technique call obbligato) in many of the tracks. Even when it came to the lyrics, I changed the symbolic portions of segments of the English lyrics into Japanese. These are just a few of the techniques I played around with.

I feel that careful listening to this soundtrack, after playing through the game and being totally immersed in the world of Persona, will result in the deepest enjoyment of the music. Please play through the game at least to the ending—multiple playthroughs would be even better!

-Shoji Meguro

Disc 1

  1. Dreams of a Butterfly
  2. Persona’s Door
  3. Paranormal Phenomena
  4. My Name is Philemon
  5. Name Entry
  6. Bestowing the Persona
  7. School Days
  8. ICU Panic
  9. A Lone Prayer
  10. Mad Hospital
  11. Guidance
  12. Mikage Police Station
  13. Appearance!
  14. Strange Atmosphere
  15. Let Butterflies Spread Until the Dawn
  16. Maki
  17. SEBEC
  18. The Girl in Black
  19. Battle with Tesso
  20. Shopping
  21. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy’s Theme 2009
  22. Aria of the Soul
  23. Persona Fusion
  24. Quest for the Expel Mirror
  25. Kama Palace
  26. Mikage Ruins
  27. Lost Forest
  28. Mana Castle
  29. Confrontation
  30. Bloody Destiny
  31. Persona


Disc 2

  1. Ice Castle
  2. Frozen St. Hermelin
  3. Search for the Shards
  4. Sweet Slumber
  5. Hypnos Tower
  6. A Warning
  7. Twisted Revenge
  8. Nemesis Tower
  9. Prison of Death
  10. Thanatos Tower
  11. Eternal Night
  12. Devil’s Peak
  13. Queen Asura’s Descent
  14. Night Queen
  15. Morning at St. Hermelin
  16. Agastya Tree
  17. Daily Life
  18. Tension
  19. Haunted Mansion
  20. At Deva Yuga’s Door
  21. Deva Yuga
  22. Closed Heart
  23. Smile
  24. To Alaya Cavern!
  25. Alaya Cavern
  26. Space
  27. Avidya World
  28. Sea of Consciousness
  29. Overcoming Sadness
  30. To a Shining Future…
  31. Bringer of all Misfortune
  32. Pandora, the Last Battle
  33. Maki’s Confession
  34. Season of Cherry Blossoms
  35. Voice
  36. Dream of a Butterfly (Instrumental)