Digital Devil Story 2: Warrior of the Demon City

Nishitani, Aya. Digital Devil Story 2: Warrior of the Demon City (デジタル・デビル・ストーリー2・魔都の戦士, Dejitaru Debiru Sutoorii 2: Mazu no Senshi). Tokyo: Tokuma Shoten, 31 October 1986.

A full translation to English of the second novel can be found here.

Chapter One: Return

The chain of events caused by Nakajima were publicly presented as a rebellion led by pupils. A shady figure steals the demon summoning programme written by Nakajima from the classroom computer from which it was executed before. That was the teacher of classical literature, Ohara, victim of Loki and impregnated with this child. The black magician Isma Feed, who travelled to Japan after having heard the rumours [of Nakajima’s achievement], came into contact with Ohara.

Isma: What can you do on your own? Even though we cannot say for certain that Loki has died, but if I let you keep fiddling around with this programmma Set will surely haunt you to death! (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 28)

Chapter Two: Quickening

After Nakajima’s return home, he was being questioning by Narikawa of the Naicho [naikaku jouhou chousashitsu, intelligence agency in Japan] and Charles Feed, professor at MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]. Nakajima readily joined forces with the International Satanist Garden [ISG], which has been organised all along by the white magician, professor Feed. In the meanwhile, Isuma (prof. Feed’s younger brother) improved the demon summoning programme he stole from Ohara and signed a formal contract with the evil god of Egypt, Set.

Feed: How should I put this… If I had been in the United States at the time you summoned the demon and contacted CRAFT [an AI system of the ISG], none of this would have happened. However, that does not change the fact that you have committed a grave crime. We will have to see whether the law’s judgement can do something about it… (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 46)

Chapter Three: The Descent of Seth

Instead of Seth, who couldn’t descend yet to the real world because he was a high-ranking demon, Isuma used Apep and succeeded in manipulating Tada who was a man of importance within the leaders of the ruling parties. Then in order to lure out Nakajima, he sent Ohara to the house of Yumiko Shiragashi. Ohara who had continued to change into a devil that got blood from Loki, headed to the families of Yumiko and Nakajima aiming for that power which was loaded with hatred that was able to fight Loki.

Yumiko who was strong of power to fight with the light of Izanami sensed the dangerous situation of her family with a strong sensation, but by the time she had hastily reached her home, she was too late and her family had already been slaughtered. Continuing, Yumiko hastened to the house of Nakajima. During the time that Ohara pierced Nakajima with the knife of the mother of Nakajima in his hands, Yumiko unconsciously unleashed her ability in order to help him and engulfed his mother in flames.

Nakajima: You have,.. my mother… (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 84)

The Soga Forest. Yumiko who had been pursuing Ohara had delivered a final blow by forgetting herself in her arousal. During that time, Set decided on a pied-à-terre with the child of Loki who was living within the womb of Ohara in order to descend to the real world. If that unknown thing that had come out of her womb were to become substantial, he would fix on the magnetite (MAG) in the body of the highly concentrated Yumiko.

Without being able to fight back well enough at Yumiko who had lost to her big weakness by laying violent hands on the mother of Nakajima, in addition to losing her own family, became loudly incorporated into “that”.

Chapter Four: The person who called

The horrible plan of Isuma was put into operation. More than then thousand humans of the capital Tokyo incorporated their nuclear heteromorphic bodies into Yumiko secretly by the cover-up operation of Tada.

Chapter Five: The beginning of a war

Nakajima, Professor Feed and Narikawa tried to prevent the creation of Sets body, but the strong black magical powers of Isuma were at wits end. However, the person who saved them from the crisis more than others was Narikawa. Because Narikawa, too, was a figure who had been reincarnated from the ancient times of the god Tsukuyomi.

Feed: There was no other way. If he had not survived from that place by throwing away his body, then I’m not sure if the two of us would have returned back alive. (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 144)

Chapter Six:  The Demon Metropolitian

Professor Feed proposes to banish Set with his body and all to a satellite (in geosynchronous orbit) in outer space. However, Yumiko, who was trapped inside, couldn’t find a way out and Nakajima decided to challenge Seth to a fight on his own.

Feed: For humanity, for your loved ones, I’ll… That too is very well. (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 148)

Chapter Seven: To Space

Seth’s satellite transfer plan went into effect and at last he went into outer space. Having received clothing that carried the power to soar like Izanami, Nakajima rushed in outer space as well. Borrowing Yumiko’s power, who still was trapped inside Seth’s body, Nakajima managed to throw Seth down at last.

Nakajima: Even if I really were the incarnation of Izanagi, I still wouldn’t be a god. I even created that program without a reason – only for the sake of revenge on those guys who harmed me. Now I have used all the power that I received from the god Izanami for Yumiko’s sake, I’d like to try using it for no more than for only one’s person love. (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 174)

Now that Seth is dead, as a nucleus Yumiko who had been crucified on a Egyptian cross dragged his body into hell.

Yumiko: You, Nakajima. This cross will now serve its purpose by closing up the mortal world and hell. If you take me of this cross, a crime like that …
Nakajima: I choose only you over fifty million humans! (“Warrior of the Demon City”, p. 190)

Yumiko went to earth with Nakajima.

However, the countless numbers of demons that had received real bodies from the crimes of hell that had only been opened for a fleeting moment, too would cross paths with them.