Digital Devil Story 3: The End of Reincarnations

Nishitani, Aya. Digital Devil Story 3: The End of Reincarnations (デジタル・デビル・ストーリー3・転生の終焉, Dejitaru Debiru Sutoorii 3: Tensei no Shuuen). Tokyo: Tokuma Shoten, 29 February 1988.


Demon Lord Lucifer is paying Izanami a visit in the underworld (‘Yomi’) in order to restrain the blessing she had given to Nakajima and Yumiko. Akemi Nakajima arose as an evil human being and the source of all evil and regarded himself as a God of the present day world, as he had been planning all along.

Lucifer: “I have to descend as a God in this world. That foolish Nakajima, having made such precious preparations and sending such minor demons into the world. Izanami, watch carefully!”  (“The End of Reincarnations“, p. 15-16)


–Translation in progress