Digital Devil Story: Reincarnation of the Goddess

Nishitani, Aya. Digital Devil Story: Reincarnation of the Goddess (デジタル・デビル・ストーリー・女神転生, Dejitaru Debiru Sutoorii: Megami Tensei). Tokyo: Tokuma Shoten, 31 March 1986.

A full translation to English of the first novel can be found here. It has also been translated to French, which can be found here.


Akemi Nakajima, a programming prodigy high school student, managed to program a Demon Summoning Programme (akuma shoukan puroguramu). However, he was not able to verify whether the programme actually worked. One day, Nakajima is subjected to a severe lynch upon instructions of Kyouko Takamizawa, whom he had rejected to date before. For Nakajima, that was the last straw. In exchange for the lives of Takimizawa and Kondo, the karate club member who had lynched him, the demon Loki was summoned.

Nakajima: “Sensei, please look… This face… Thanks to Kondo of the karate club. Kyouki Takamizawa was also there. If you could experience what happens inside the classroom from my perspective, you would see that both the teachers and the pupils act as if never happened. Despite these assaults, no one gets punished. I will no longer let them do whatever they like to do. I will summon a demon and grind those insects to powder.” (“Megami Tensei,” p. 27)

Chapter One: The Night of Magic

The transfer student from Hokkaido, Yumiko Shirasagi, feels a curious déjà vu towards Nakajima. She instinctually follows Nakajima, only to get a cold response. On the day of Yumiko’s transfer, Nakajima offered his teacher Ohara of classical literature as a sacrifice for Loki. Rather than following Nakajima’s directions to control the teacher and pupils, the demon Loki continued to demand more and more pupils as sacrifices.

From the moment Nakajima met Yumiko, he started to see strange illusions. Images of a man, the spitting image of a himself yet named Izanagi, lamenting while escaping from a decaying woman, named Izanami. His love and regret – the entire conscious of the man is transmitted directly to Nakajima. At the same time, Nakajima is wondering why Yumiko is on his mind.

Nakajima: “This cannot be. Yet, it is. In order to stay in control of Loki, I guess I have to strike back with new technologies.” (“Megami Tensei,” p. 67)

Chapter Two: Transition

For Nakajima’s next step, he conducted an experiment to transfer Loki online in order to confirm his Demon Migration Theory. However, he had a vague feeling of anxiety about the exchange with Loki, who seemed unlikely to obey. Sure enough, Loki had manipulated Ohara into sacrificing herself for him and he mastered the skill of materialising himself in the real world, on a place where Nakajima would be unable to control him. Loki used that opportunity to designate another sacrifice: Yumiko Shirasagi.

Loki: “Enough. Such technological innovation is unnecessary. If I am able to materialise and migrate at will, then it is also possible for me to singlehandedly rule the Assiah World [asshaa kai].” (“Megami Tensei,” p. 82)

Chapter Three: Possession

By being overpowered by Loki who held (much) power, Nakajima hold a sacrifice ceremony as he was told. Loki, who at last had become able to materialize in the actual world, bared its fangs at Nakajima, who was no longer useful to him. The one who saved him from his near death was Yumiko who received her powers through the goddess Izanami. Through the power of Yumiko, the two of them escaped from the clutches of Loki and moved to the place called Asuka.

Izanami: “Stand, Yumiko. This airspace leads to Asuka, where I rest. Take Nakajima, no, your precious Izanagi, and come to me.” (“Megami Tensei,” p. 110)

Chapter Four: Down the road

Asuka Ayakashiyama [?]. Yumiko became burdened with a fatal wound by a blow from Loki. Yumiko, who had let him feel the warmth of a mother somehow, had become such an important existence to Nakajima that he was not able to lose her now. But, in her misery Yumiko cut of communicating the words of Izanami. The illusions up until now have been Yumiko’s words. At last, Nakajima realised that she was the reincarnation of the goddess Izanami.

Nakajima summoned his befriended demon Kerberos for help and carried Yumiko’s dead body into the herons’ tomb at Izanami’s grave. Loki, reluctant of establishing contracts with others demons, could not have known that Nakajima was still alive and chasing him.

Yukiko: “To give me hope of revival, please carry my corpse to the burial chamber where she sleeps, to the deep grave of Izanami. If you do so, I will be resurrected and will be able to live together with you for once more .” “For the universal legend of Izanagi, you won’t abandon me on your way, will you?” (“Megami Tensei,” p.119)

Chapter Five: The Sword of Flames

At last Loki came to attack Nakajima, who was at a loss what he should do after he arrived in the burial chamber. While the illusion Yumiko’s decayed dead body spitted out hateful words, men and women who were sacrificed tortured Nakajima. Finally, folowing the advice he received from Izanami’s spirit, Nakajima summoned the sword of Hinokagutsuchi and through this great power he succeeded in killing Loki.

Loki: “I will give you that woman. But on the other hand, I will receive the man. Even for this person is being linked to me definitely not a loss.”
Izanami: “Being taken into the other demons by the wisdom of Nakajima will be frightening.” (“Megami Tensei,” p.157)

Last Chapter

Yumiko breathes again. During the time of joy, Izanami became aware of the open entrance to the demons and informed Nakajima of the appearance of a new demon called Set in the real world before she returned to the underworld…

Set: “My name is Set. You are the one who called me?” (“Megami Tensei,” p.169)