This excellent Xenogears study guide inspired me to attempt to create something similar for the Megami Tensei franchise, which I have dubbed Megatengaku (メガテン学, ‘Megami Tensei Studies’) thus far. For now, I have collected some random materials that I used for my MA thesis (e.g. interviews about, and random text dumps from Strange Journey), but considering the scope of the franchise, I figured I might as well appeal to its passionate fan community.

Currently, I am in the process of translating materials that have been published only in Japanese, such as an interview with Kazuma Kaneko regarding Strange Journey, summaries of the Digital Devil Story novels  and a digitalisation of aKyuuyaku Megami Tensei player’s guide (pretty random, heh).

I would like to compile an archive of Megami Tensei materials, which may lead to articles or essays that treat the archive as its sources. Therefore, I kindly request that if you happened to have stumbled upon articles (such as this report of Nocturne’s launch party or Gamasutra’s interview met Kaneko) that might be relevant for such a study guide – regardless of the article is still available online or only through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine – please drop me a message with a link or, if you feel like it, the entire article in text format. High-res scans of paper articles, regardless of language, are also welcome. The same goes for questions, tips, critique and pictures of Black Frost.

If it appears that not only I am interested in this project, I will try to shift my working space from my local computer to this place.

– Guan van Zoggel