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It has been a while – almost four months to be exactly – and although I would like to say I have not been sitting still, I must admit I have (been busy with other projects). Eefara, however, took over and added a great number of game pages to the archive, including transcriptions of the manuals and boxes, and did some general tweaking through the games section. Thanks a lot, Eefara!

Games > Persona

Games > Devil Survivor

Games > Devil Children/DemiKids

Games > Last Bible

Games > Stand-alones

Not only Eefara, artemis-maia, too, has been very active in the past few months and produced a number of articles, including the continuation of her comparisons of Persona 2 characters to Greco-Roman myths. She continues her exploration of deities by moving on to Persona 3, discussing Orpheus, Athena, Isis and Penthesilea so far. She also delves into Devil Survivor in her musings on the first murderer and the first martyr.

Background articles > artemis-maia’s musings

For the next update, I will try to finish the Kaneko interview that’s still in progress.



It’s 2014, and there is a lot of Megaten goodness ahead of us!

In various interviews, the Maniax team behind Shin Megami Tensei IV indicated they are planning to expand SMTIV’s universe by releasing a World Analysis book and the highly anticipated four-disc soundtrack at the end of this month. While Japan and Northern America have finished their four playthroughs by now, Europa is still waiting for a release date for SMTIV. It doesn’t seem to be part of the 2014 line-up, unlike Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem strangely enough. In the meanwhile, the Persona team started releasing one-minute videos of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, which can be watched on Atlus’ YouTube channel. Oh, and then there’s a bit of news on the themes in Persona 5.

In the course of this weekend, the following game pages have been added. The majority of the transcriptions are submitted by Eefara, who I would like to thank once again.

Games > Shin Megami Tensei

Games > Devil Summoner/Raidou Kuzunoha

Games > Persona

Games > Digital Devil Saga

Games > Last Bible

In addition to these pages, artemis-maia published two articles on comparisons between Persona 2 characters and Greco-Roman myths, and a write-up filled with spoilers on the endings of the mainline Shin Megami Tensei titles. Enjoy! 

Background articles > artemis-maia’s musings


Just a small update to fix the loose ends I actually forgot to include in last update.


Background articles > artemis-maia’s musing

Happy holidays. May the transition from The Year of Luigi to The Year of Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV be a chaotic one. Or lawful, whatever you prefer.


For a website dedicated to materials on a particular game franchise, it struck me as remarkable that almost a year has passed since the establishment of Megatengaku and that virtually no time was spent on actual pages about the games. Let’s change this per now. 

Games > Megami Tensei

Games > Shin Megami Tensei

While the Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei is still a partially finished transcription of the manual, there are some illustrations from the manual that might interest some of you. The Shin Megami Tensei game pages are mostly brand new, with some information on the differences between the many versions of the first instalment, the differences between the many packages the Japanese version of Nocturne came in, and transcriptions of boxes and manuals by the kind eefara.

Also new are three interviews with Kazuma Kaneko, which were originally published in an appendix to the Kazuma Kaneko Works. I’ve translated the third one, of which scans have been provided by the generous Primaeros. There is an additional page, in which Kaneko answers some questions by pen; I’ll try to add this later. As usual, I feel the translation is kind of rough, so please contact me if you feel something could get improved.

Interviews > Artbooks

The DDS-NET’s Serebii inspired compendium I mentioned during the previous update has expanded its compendia to even the shores of NINE (y’know). I did some additional translation work (mostly demon skills) to express my appreciation and support for this initiative. And with the Atlus USA’s forums closing, a forum dedicated to the Megaten series was founded on DDS-NET as well. Over 170 people already registered and many interesting discussions have flourished, but hey – what else did you expect with a Shin Megami Tensei IV inspired theme this gorgeous? How about signing up right now?

Have a great holiday season and make sure you pick up some interesting deals, like this one, this weekend! See you in 2014.


As of today, Atlus’ parent company Index Corporations is officially a subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings as Sega’s Dream Corporation, which in turn has been renamed to Index Corporation with Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi and Atlus USA president Naoto Hiraoka on the company’s board. It is likely that Devil Survivor 2 Break Code‘s second delay, pushing the remake back to 2014, is due to these business transfers and shuffles.

Franchise > Games > Kyūyaku Megami Tensei

  • Updated the in-game information page by putting the data in tables, added magic skills and finished the list of demons sort by race for KMT’s Megami Tensei. Data for the second KMT game will follow soon.

Readings > Background articles

  • Tumblr user artemis-maia, who zealously writes about the Megami Tensei series in relation to religion, mythology and symbolism on Tumblr, will henceforth publish these articles under artemis-maia’s musings as well.


In the background, kouhai buromu is working on the translation of the summary of the third Digital Devil Story novel whilst I myself try to put Kazuma Kaneko’s interview and art process description from 2003’s Comickers into proper English.

To wrap up this update, I’d like to call attention to three interesting projects. There’s Dsyfo’s Tumblr with ongoing Megami Tensei romhacksthe heavily Megaten inspired promising indie game Gate at Indie DB and DDS-NET’s Serebii inspired compendium.


This update would not have been this voluminous without the efforts and devotion of Atlus forums member Eefara, who has been submitting numerous interviews, background articles and transcribing segments of artbooks and game manuals over the past two months. I have not been able to add all of Eefara’s submissions in this update, though. More will follow.

In order to properly present this increasing stream of materials, I have made minor adjustments to the website. The ‘Interviews‘ section has become a subsection of ‘Readings‘ alongside ‘Artbooks‘ and ‘Background articles‘. Hopefully this will be considered an improvement.

I also finished translating the Nakama Cards of the Devil Children card game. Whilst I do not think many have been looking forward to seeing this getting translated, I prioritised this particular translation to build up a translation memory (alongside the Kazuma Kaneko Works trilogy) which may help to make subsequent translations easier and more consistent. Especially translating names of mythological creatures can be tricky, which I hope to have largely covered now.


Readings > Artbooks

Readings > Background articles

Readings > Interviews > Magazine articles

Readings > Interviews > Website articles


By now, most of you probably have finished their first cycle through the land of the Unclean Ones in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Some even managed to complete their demon compendium. We have once again come to love, ridicule and slaughter beloved ones. With that, it’s time for another update.


  • Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, for which the manual is being transcribed for reference purposes. Artwork from the manual is provided as well.


  • Kazuma Kaneko Works trilogy, for which an index has been made based on the ID (page number), common name in English, Japanese name and game the demon is associated with in the trilogy.

Website articles

Since last update, I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain most Megami Tensei associated games that were released before the 2000s. Over time, I will scan the boxes, manuals and other materials that can be found in the box, and upload these to Megatengaku. Tips on scanning these precious materials without ruining the source are very welcome.

I also need to thank the people who have been submitting materials through the Tumblr of Megatengaku. These submissions have not found their way to the website yet, but I’m planning to include these in the next update.

To conclude, if you’re using Tumblr and not following artemis-maia yet, you might want to do so. She’s regularly writing snack-sized though-provoking essays on Shin Megami Tensei in relation to religion, like this one on Milton’s Paradise Lost. Great stuff.